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Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generator for Medical Packaging

Product Details:

GAZTRON Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator. Nitrogen gas are used different sector like Pharmaceutical industry, HVAC Industry, Metallurgical industry, Chemical industry, Food packaging Industry, Electronic industry and Sulphur Grinding industry etc.

Nitrogen, a clean, dry, inert gas, can be used during medical device packaging to eliminate the presence of oxygen. If oxygen is exposed to perishable therapy, it can affect the nature of the product as well as any test results associated with it.

A safe and reliable method of administering nitrogen gas for medical packaging is possible through the use of a nitrogen generator. Nitrogen generator is cost effective, easily manageable, produces high purity nitrogen gas on-site and on-demand, using a simple PSA generator or membrane generator technology, a nitrogen generator best for sterile medical device packaging is the solution. For help with sizing a nitrogen generator for your needs, please contact us and visit our website

Our Product Range-


Rang of Plant capacity

5 to 1000NM3/HR.


Nitrogen Purity

99% to 99.9998%


Dew Point

-20 to -40 Deg Cent


Discharge Pressure

5 to 25 KG/CM2