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Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generator for Military

Product Details:

GAZTRON Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator. Nitrogen gas are used different sector like Pharmaceutical industry, HVAC Industry, Metallurgical industry, Chemical industry, Food packaging Industry, Electronic industry and Sulphur Grinding industry etc.

Gaztron has developed a nitrogen generator keeping in mind the unique needs of the military. Quality nitrogen gas can be expensive and problematic for soldiers working with the maintenance and maintenance of critical equipment and instrumentation, especially in shelters and depots in remote locations abroad. The Nitrogen Generator Military Series solves this problem with rugged, reliable, compact, economical and portable systems to meet low and high pressure needs.

Nitrogen has been used successfully for years and has been proven to protect against moisture in the maintenance of NVD, and optics. Nitrogen, which is about 79% of the air we breathe, is the perfect solution for moisture conservation. Nitrogen gas is abundant, inert and very dry, and by displacing oxygen within the optics parts with a low-pressure slow-flow nitrogen purge, you eliminate oxygen and moisture during maintenance. The nitrogen generator is a complete system with an on-board air compressor and separate nitrogen storage tank. It requires only a single electrical connection, is small in size and can be mounted anywhere.


  • Nitrogen anywhere on demand
  • Built for field conditions
  • Typical for low pressure distribution optics
  • Guaranteed Purity
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Continuity and field level platforms available
  • Military and commercial air movements

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Our Product Range-


Rang of Plant capacity

5 to 1000NM3/HR.


Nitrogen Purity

99% to 99.9998%


Dew Point

-20 to -40 Deg Cent


Discharge Pressure

5 to 25 KG/CM2