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Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generator for Plastics Manufacturing and Injection Molding

Product Details:

GAZTRON Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator. Nitrogen gas are used different sector like Pharmaceutical industry, HVAC Industry, Metallurgical industry, Chemical industry, Food packaging Industry, Electronic industry and Sulphur Grinding industry etc.

The plastics industry has a wide variety of applications including the use of nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas is used in plastic manufacturing to prevent oxidation and discoloration to help maintain the integrity of the polymer. Nitrogen is also used as a propellant to aid the injection molding process. These applications include gas assisted injection molding, tank blanking, and extrusion processes. GAZTRON tested and proven PSA nitrogen generation technology separates the readily available nitrogen within the air we breathe.

The air contains 78% nitrogen; our systems mechanically filter out the other gases, concentrating the Nitrogen into a storage tank for your process usage. Clean, dry compressed air enters one of the two adsorption vessels, containing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). Smaller oxygen and residual molecules are adsorbed into the CMS, allowing the larger nitrogen molecules to pass through into a storage tank for later process use. Upon saturation, a second absorption vessel is brought on line while the first one regenerates and releases its trapped gas.

This type of injection molding uses Nitrogen as the inert gas to push the polymer from the tank to the mold. This helps to completely fill out the part which also reduces shrinkage. The nitrogen gas gets pushed into the mold under high pressure which ensures that the polymer reaches all areas of the mold. Nitrogen can also be used as a propellant for blow molding applications where a hollow part is desired. By using nitrogen as a propellant, you are removing the ability for the polymer to come in contact with oxygen which reduces oxidation and discolouring of the polymer.

Our Product Range-


Rang of Plant capacity

5 to 1000NM3/HR.


Nitrogen Purity

99% to 99.9998%


Dew Point

-20 to -40 Deg Cent


Discharge Pressure

5 to 25 KG/CM2