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Nitrogen Gas Generator


Product Details:

Introducing the Nitrogen Generation System specifically designed for use within the heat treating, brazing, and sintering processes. Designed & manufactured by Gaztron Engineering, the leader in Nitrogen Generation Technology.

Nitrogen gas has been utilized in the Heat Treating Industry for many years in a variety of applications including nitrogen blanketing, nitrogen purging (normal & safety), inert gas processing, and much more. Nitrogen gas is often required in the production process of both primary goods (billets, ingots, slabs) and secondary goods (component part manufacturing). Gaztron, tested and proven PSA Nitrogen Generation Technology safely separates the readily available Nitrogen gas from the air we breathe.

The air contains 78% nitrogen gas; our systems mechanically filter out the other gases, concentrating the N2 into a storage tank for your process usage. Clean, dry, compressed air enters one of the two adsorption vessels, containing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). Smaller oxygen and residual molecules are adsorbed into the CMS, allowing the larger nitrogen molecules to pass through into a storage tank for later process use. Upon saturation, a second absorption vessel is brought on line while the first one regenerates and releases its trapped gas.

Gaztron Engineering Pvt Ltd Nitrogen Gas Generator are Suitable for high Pressure and following models are available

  1. Range of Plant Capacity             -          5  to 1000 Nm3/Hr
  2. Nitrogen Purity                            -          Up to 99.9998%
  3. Balance Oxygen Content            -           5 to 0.5%
  4. Range of Dew Point                    -          -20 to -40 Deg Cent                      
  5. Discharge Pressure                    -          5 to 25 kg/cm2