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Nitrogen Gas Generator


Product Details:

Nitrogen gas is the most commonly used gas for blanketing processes and storage tanks, due to its dry, clean, inert properties. Exposure to oxygen decreases chemical stability. Nitrogen blanketing of chemical storage tanks eliminates the presence of oxygen and moisture and prevents oxidation from occurring. Nitrogen gas also helps “push” liquids through pipelines and create a gaseous barrier for oxygen vulnerable chemicals.

A safe, reliable, and cost effective way to produce Nitrogen gas is through the use of a Nitrogen Generator. South-Tek Systems’ Nitrogen Generators offer an unlimited supply of high purity Nitrogen, on demand. South-Tek Systems’ Nitrogen Generator systems eliminate the need for ordering Nitrogen dewars, high pressure cylinders, or bulk liquid tank fills. Unlike gas companies, South-Tek requires no contract to be signed and saves you costs by up to 90%! 

Gaztron Engineering Pvt Ltd Nitrogen Gas Generator are Suitable for high Pressure and following models are available

  1. Range of Plant Capacity             -          5  to 1000 Nm3/Hr
  2. Nitrogen Purity                            -          Up to 99.998%
  3. Balance Oxygen Content            -           5 to 0.5%
  4. Range of Dew Point                    -          -20 to -40 Deg Cent                      
  5. Discharge Pressure                     -          5 to 25 kg/cm2