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Nitrogen Gas Generator

Packaging Coffee with Nitrogen Flush

Product Details:

Adding a Nitrogen gas flush to the process of packaging ground or whole bean coffee soon after roasting pushes residual O2 out of the packaging. The pressure of the Nitrogen gas inside the sealed package promotes proper aging of the coffee by slowing down the degassing or loss of CO2. This also traps the volatile aromas within the space, improving the flavor and creating a stable atmosphere for long term storage. The effect is to maintain freshness for long-distance transport of bulk coffee, and extend shelf life once the packaged coffee reaches the retailer.

Gaztron Engineering Pvt Ltd Nitrogen Gas Generator are Suitable for high Pressure and following models are available

  1. Range of Plant Capacity             -          5  to 1000 Nm3/Hr
  2. Nitrogen Purity                            -          Up to 99.998%
  3. Balance Oxygen Content            -           5 to 0.5%
  4. Range of Dew Point                    -          -20 to -40 Deg Cent                      
  5. Discharge Pressure                    -          5 to 25 kg/cm2